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Job Description:

Position: : Industrial Engineer
Location: Noida
Experience: 1-8 years of exp as an Industrial Engineer in manufacturing industry (Garment industry background preferred)
Salary - Negotiable
Education: 4-year engineering degree in Mechanical/Industrial/Manufacturing with minimum 6.5 CGPA or 60% marks.
Industry: Garment/ Fashion/ Apparel

Position overview:
An Industrial Engineer is an engineer who works in a factory. His job is to solve any problems which come up when the factory is making a product which has been designed by Designers. The role of the Industrial Engineer is to effectively and efficiently utilize software technologies, machine tools, math and scientific concepts, and human resources in order to solve problems, provide products or services at minimal cost, and produce on time at the optimum output level to satisfy customer demands.
Required an Industrial Engineer to provide process improvements, set work standards, evaluate operational costs, validate capital expenditures, document operational procedures, determine most economical process flows and perform project management functions. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily

Principle duties & responsibilities:
  • Knowledge of ProCon/ ProSMV/ Pro-Man/ Pro-RFID/ Pro-Plan etc.
  • Must be able to initiate the data monitoring system like ProCon/ Pro-SMV/ Pro-Man etc.
  • Capable to establish standard times for all of operations.
  • Line wise manpower planning & manpower balancing.
  • Carrying out Time study, Method study, Motion Study and Work measurement and Creating accurate standard times and best possible methods.
  • Style wise operation bulletin preperation & layout preparation.
  • Determination of SAM by Time study and Method study.
  • Calculating Thread consumption.
  • Determine the time required and the target of cutting process per style every day with the standard time and working methods as a reference.
  • Machine Requirement planning on the basis of styles.
  • Monitoring and Line balancing – Based on Capacity and WIP in the line. Measuring line lost hours due to various reasons in sewing floor.
  • Finishing capacity study and manpower allocation depending on style and priority of the order delivery.
  • Productions follow up target settings, ability to work on man power reduction.
  • Line balancing & bottle neck operation – identify and eradicate by Method Improvement based on operator capacity.
  • Job analysis by comparing the actual production data to standard time.
  • Efficiency Calculation, lost hour calculation and increasing the OEE upto the maximum level.
  • Preparing daily production reports, Monthly improvements reports with graphical presentation.
  • Dept. wise & style wise costing on daily/monthly basis.
  • Preparation of daily individual efficiency report, factory efficiency report, factory lost time report & incentive working report.
  • Involving In 5-S & Kaizen activities, process mapping, layout design/modifications. Projects for quality improvements.
  • Capable of performing root cause analysis to determine cause and solutions to various technical manufacturing issues
Skills Required:
  • Good knowledge in MS-office, Visio, Project etc
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes.
  • Project Management and excellent planning skills.
  • Leadership quality, Manual dexterity, orderly minded. Ability to handle the 150+ manpower.
Decision making capability, self-motivating, detail oriented approach, able to work under pressure.

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Key Skill:
industrial engineer, garment industrial engineer

Posted on: 18th Nov, 2017

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