General Counsel (Private Practice)(0-15)

Consultant, Bengaluru

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Should examine, review intelligently and analyze titles, documents, records and legal data; determine advisability of defending or prosecuting law; recognise actionable intelligence risks and compliance.
Preparing case summaries, drafting arguments, plaints, pleadings, petitions, appeals for their presentation with competent authorities; composition should be flawless have touchpoints, keywords, ensure consistency.
Capable of judging mistrials, discerning guilt and constructing appeals reflecting true intents accurately with factual and unambiguous percepts.
Should be mature to interpret and vet intellectual insights and appraise strategic sensibilities relating to criminal law, property (revenue law), survey regulations and compensation (central PSU).
Competent knowledge of relevant law, clauses in legal submissions, appeals in compliance with court procedures and prepare relevant documents.
Sound legal knowledge of various litigation cases and familiar with procedures in recovery, injunction, arbitration, petitions and court proceeding: posses working knowledge of courts, tribunals, commissions and fora in Karnataka.
Should structure & curate proactive contents from a rights perspective for suitable escalation under appropriate anti-corruption and/or sue for dereliction deities under lockout rules.
Cases related to fraud, cheating, criminal breach of trust and criminal petitions that involve vital issues seeking restorations rights and compensatory reliefs.

Perfect knowledge of native Kannada language is essential
Only those with an ethical commitment, value confidentiality, integrity, honesty and privacy would be engaged.
Expectations are, services should be reliable and cost-effective resolution at affordable
Law postgraduates having a flair for writing.
Self-starter with the ability to work independently
Assignment basis Compensation

Location: Job involves shuttling across Bengaluru and Tumakuru (Koratagere & Madhugiri)

Key Skill:
Legal, lawyer, General Counsel

Posted on: 6th Oct, 2019

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