Android developer (Android studio and Flutter or react native)(2-5 Year)

Glan Management Consultany, Noida

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Job Description:

Essential Skills:--

·         Strong Java Programing Skills

·         Strong Kotlin Programing Skills

·         Android SDK API level 8 and above

·         Reactive Programming (RxJava/ LiveData and observables)

·         Responsive UI/UX

·         Good knowledge of app architectures (MVP/MVVM)

·         Android Studio

·         Knowledge of Flutter or React Native



·         Android Telephony API- SQLite integration

·         Firebase Push Notification-

·         Application submission to Google Play store

·         Third Party Libraries integration

·         Web services, Rest, knowledge of XML, JSON

·         Databases like SQLite and core data etc

Key Skill:
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Posted on: 10th Dec, 2020

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