Instrument Engineer (Chemical Industry)(3-10 year)

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Job Description:

Position: Instrumentation Engineer

Location: Mumbai

Experience: 3-6 year

salary: 4-5 LPA

Qualification: B.E. / B. Tech Electronics, or Instrumentation Engineering

Industry: Agrochemical/ Chemical



Job Description:

·         Primary role is to design, develop, install, and maintain instrumentation systems used in various industrial processes and systems

·         Responsible for ensuring accurate and reliable measurement, control, and monitoring of process variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, and level

·         Expertise in instrumentation engineering will contribute to the safe and efficient operation of equipment and processes

·         Instrumentation System Design: Design and develop instrumentation systems and control strategies for industrial processes

·         Select appropriate instruments, sensors, transmitters, and control devices based on project requirements and specifications

·         Installation and Calibration: Oversee the installation, configuration, and calibration of instrumentation systems and devices

·         Ensure compliance with industry standards, safety regulations, and project specifications

·         System Integration: Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, including process engineers, electrical engineers, and automation specialists, to integrate instrumentation systems with overall process control and automation systems

·         Troubleshooting and Maintenance: Identify and resolve technical issues related to instrumentation systems, including troubleshooting faulty devices, diagnosing measurement inaccuracies, and implementing corrective actions

·         Develop and execute maintenance plans to ensure optimal performance and reliability

·         Safety and Compliance: Ensure compliance with safety regulations and industry standards for instrumentation systems

·         Conduct risk assessments and implement safety measures to mitigate hazards associated with instrumentation installations and operations

·         Documentation and Reporting: Prepare detailed technical documentation, including specifications, engineering drawings, and operating procedures for instrumentation systems • Project Documentation like P&ID, JB Schedule, Instrument Data Sheet , Interlocks sheets & loop diagrams

·         Implements instrument design on P&IDs

·         Perform the F.A.T

·         To check the healthiness & carry out calibration of instruments installed at location.

·         To perform scheduled maintenance jobs of Instrumentation and Control system.

·         Ensure the preventive and predictive maintenance of equipment and compliance of statutory requirement as per schedule for the plant.

·         Preparation of CAPA & RCA report

·         To maintain & update documents of calibration record, SIF Proof Testing records, Preventive /Predictive Maintenance records, Cause & Effect Matrix etc

·         Generate reports on system performance, maintenance activities, and compliance

·         Continuous Improvement: Stay updated with advancements in instrumentation technology and industry best practices

·         To maintain good housekeeping of the plant and instrument workshop.

·         To maintain the inventory of the general consumables and critical spares in coordination with store in charge

·         Identify opportunities for improvement in instrumentation systems and processes, and propose and implement innovative solutions

·         Training and Support: Provide training and technical support to operations and maintenance personnel regarding instrumentation systems, troubleshooting techniques, and best practices for efficient operation


Relevant Industries/ Sector: Agrochemicals/ Specialty Chemicals experience preferred


Skills – Mandatory

·         Technical Skills: Strong knowledge of instrumentation principles, measurement techniques, and control systems

·         Familiarity with various instruments and devices such as sensors, transmitters, analyzers, and control valves

·         Safety and Compliance: Understanding of safety regulations, standards, and practices applicable to instrumentation systems, such as hazardous area classification, SIL (Safety Integrity Level), and functional safety

·         Knowledge of relevant codes and standards (e.g., ISA, IEC, API)

·         Attention to Detail: Meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy and precision in instrumentation system design, installation, and calibration



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Key Skill:
instrument engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, Design engineer, instrumentation system design, instrumentation systems

Posted on: 21st Feb, 2024

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