Digital Marketing!

Glan Management Consultancy is one of the pioneering, creative and most importantly client-friendly digital service providers in the market. Our Best Digital Marketing Services build and highlight client’s online business presence, connecting business with customers looking for their products/services online & generate sales. We provide our clients with a strong creative digital marketing identity by creating innovative strategy and better conversion.

We have expert Digital marketing professionals to understand client requirement and help them formulate the best Digital Marketing services Strategy. Our passion for work, whether it's SEO Services, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Strategy, Online Reputation Management and Website Design & Development, has got us rated as top digital marketing company in Delhi, India. Our main objective is to produce highly creative unique work that helps in better marketing and directly help in increase revenue through sales and brand awareness through content marketing strategy. Our main focus is to help you with building your brand online. Think of us like a creative digital Agency, we create sustainable digital marketing assets and help to drive traffic and engagement. We can be your reliable digital partner.

Search Engine Optimisation!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): is a means of optimizing the content of a website in order to gain better placement on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPS). A variety of techniques are employed to achieve this ad it’s not a job for amateurs really as there are many pitfalls that could have Google frowning on your site.

SEO includes:
o Keyword research and usage, on-page and off (within HTML)
o Link building /outreach blogging
o Content delivery
o Site structure
o Analytics

Search Engine Marketing!

Search Engine marketing (SEM): is similar to, but incorporates, SEO and uses many of the same techniques as a part of that. The main difference between the two terms is that SEM also includes paid online advertising models, such as pay-per-click (PPC).

PPC advertising models are those such as Google Adwords and Bing, which only require payment when the ad is clicked through to the target website. SEM also requires keyword analysis as the words and phrases used in the ad and site and these need to be monitored carefully to reflect the market and current search engine rules.

Email Marketing!

Email marketing: remains a very effective tool, despite claims that it isn’t as important as social these days. Modern email marketing is just beginning to evolve so that it can be linked to a database in order to personalize it, so that individual groups of customers can be sent mail based on previous purchases and interests.
Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

Content Marketing!

Content marketing: is a technique where content is produced and distributed with the intention of providing relevant, interesting content to attract and engage a particular audience that a business is targeting. The creation of useful content is a way of developing communication with the customer in order to drive engagement and customer action. Content can mean anything from blogs to videos and whitepapers tend to work well using content marketing techniques too. The goal is to win customer loyalty and retain it. Beyond this, it is important to consistently monitor and analyse the results from your efforts. Using this data-driven marketing approach to your content marketing will ensure you achieve the best results possible.

Additional Channels!

SMS marketing: is also highly effective and rising in popularity, due to the fact that many of us no longer go anywhere without our cell phones. This ‘always-on’ aspect means that when SMS marketing is used, it’s highly likely that the customer will at least read the text.

Video marketing/video infographics: is again becoming hugely popular and it’s likely that we’ll see an even bigger move in its direction this year as more and more businesses begin to recognise the potential it has. People take in more information when watching video and are more likely to engage, so it’s certainly worth looking at.

Whilst image-based infographics are already hugely popular, making these in the form of a series of frames for video is beginning to really take off in the digital marketing space too.

How digital marketing helps business!

These days, everything is going digital and it’s important to have a strong online presence. Trends of mobile and social media are very much now days. Coupled with a great brand that is presented uniformly across all mediums. Digital marketing is an essential part of this for companies who want to utilise the power of the internet in order to boost business.

Social media marketing: this has risen hugely in popularity. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are all examples of social networks which can be used as a part of your marketing efforts, although they are far from the only ones

77% of people interact with brands on Facebook by looking at posts and updates. A business should always pay attention to where its customers are, and those who have customers on the net with a strong online presence are more likely to succeed. This is even true of local businesses, as with mobile has come location services, making it easy for mobile users to find a company who uses maps on social and its website.
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