Sales Manager(6 Months - 2 Years)

JC Ventures, Delhi

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Job Description:

     Meets with customers in a sales environment to drive product sales and knowledge

               ·        Demonstrates advanced product knowledge

               ·        Adheres to company policies and procedures

               ·        Makes sales appointments with clients

               ·        Teams with other employees to make sure that products are available and in stores

               ·        Generates new leads by meeting with consumers

               ·        Follows up with any clients to make sure that they are satisfied with the product.

               ·        Assembles any and all product displays in a given market.

               ·        Meets with retail associates to make sure that product is being sold.

               ·        Finds new target markets and penetrates them to drive sales.

               ·        Discovers how to market products to new users.

               ·        Understands how to push given products to consumers based on environment & current trends.

               ·        Uses the Internet to push products to a given target market.

               ·        Works with the marketing department to develop new sales strategies and how to make them work

              ·        Discovers target markets and advantages of other companies

              ·        Demonstrates advanced sales knowledge for the purpose of innovative new sales techniques.

              ·        Reporting to Cluster Head.

Key Skill:
Good Communication Skills, Team Player.

Posted on: 12th Jul, 2018

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