Pattern Master (10-20 Year)

Glan Management Consultancy, Mumbai

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Job Description:

Key Roles:

1. Responsible for all new patterns and correction according to the designs

2. In-charge for the sampling process with an ability to visualise designs - understanding different fabrics and garment flow

3. Pattern making and garment construction include technical skills of grading, marking, costing, and darting.

4. Should also have experience working with fabrics (poly, viscose, modal, cottons and linen) and all kinds of trims (zips, laces, satin bands, buttons, etc).

5. Quick turnaround time for pattern development and effectively communicating the work to the tailors

6. Ensuring accurate stitching and quality of final sampling garments

7. Experience of pattern-making - both manual and CAD

8. Experience working on women’s western wear garments - tops, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, and preferably blazers too

9. Ability to test garments and suggest changes/ improvements


  • Minimum experience of 12-14 years

  • Experience working with a large manufacturing / export unit in the sampling team

CTC: Experience-based compensation (up to INR 40,000 per month)

Key Skill:
Pattern making (manual and CAD) and garment construction include grading, costing, and technical issues. Developing new pattern depending on the designs requirement, Pattern master, cad patter master

Posted on: 30th Aug, 2018

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