Farm Improvement Technician (Veterinary Diploma/ Pharmacy)(0-3 year)

Glan Management Consultany, varanasi

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Job Description:

Designation: Farm Improvement Technician Coach (FITC)

Qualification: 2 year Veterinary Poly technique Diploma, DFM&AH, IDD -AH, Veterinary Pharmacy/Veterinary Livestock Extension officer

Job Location: Varanasi Region

Experience: 0-2 year

Salary: up to 2.5 LPA


Job Description: To rollout the “Farm Improvement Program” in a the UDDP project area through participatory introduction of the concept to farmers, on boarding of farmers on the mooOn farm management system, He will receive training on the use of the MooonTM app, registration of cattle (BCS, BW, Hyg Card, milk recording, CMT, Geo-tagging etc). The FITC on a day-to-day basis will has to attend to resolution of alerts generated by the moon system n (alerts: AI, PD, Calving, Milk recording, CMT, Dry off, Deworming, BCS, BW, Hyg Card etc.). Developing of Demonstration farms and farmers selection of farmers based on a score card, initial pre implementation audit, implement the farm improvement plan taking into confidence the farmer and roll out the interventions related to the farms production, reproduction, nutrition, economics, and health & welfare parameters. Training of farmers on adoption of different intervention, practise of interventions, use of farm tools and farm record books, recording of farm data etc. Periodical farm progress audits and sharing of farm progress data with farmers and fine tuning the farm improvements and production targets. Reporting to the team progress of farms in each milk collection centre and making corrections and recording target achievement. Participating in the biannually farm progress report and farm Improvement Conference.


Roles and Responsibilities

        Understand and develop skill in the use of moon Farm Improvement App.

        Rollout of the Farm Improvement Program.

        Pre implementation survey and participatory introduction of the program to stake holders

        Registration and training of stakeholder and formulating the farm improvement plan per farm & area

        Implementation, recording, support and follow up of the farm improvement program

        Periodic reporting of progress and reorientation of farm improvement of goal on an individual farm basis and the milk shed



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Key Skill:
Farm Improvement Technician, Veterinary Diploma, Veterinary pharmacy, Veterinary Livestock Extension officer, farm technician

Posted on: 11th Jan, 2021

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