Full Stack Developer(1-2 yrs)

Connect AI Solutions , Woraiyur (Tiruchirappalli)

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Job Description:

I am Prakash, HR at Connect AI Solutions. We are Located in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. We are recruiting candidates Full stack Developer. I have shared the JD & requirement please share us candidate according to it

Full stack developer.

Looking for Minimum of 3.5 years of experience.

No of opening 1

UI Responsibility and Knowledge
- Ability to work on multiple UI frameworks (React js, Vue js, Angular js)
- Advance styling concepts (flex, grid, etc...) and frameworks like scss, css in js
- Reusable component creation with better implementation (styling, custom properties, etc...)
- Basic idea about server-side rendering
- Unit rest case for components, store and util functions
- Local storage understanding (indexDB, cookies)

    - Knowledge About How service workers (PWA)
    - Performance improvement (handling large data set, frameworks best practices)
    - Basic idea about build processing
    - Animation and canvas
    - Basic understanding of SEO
    - Handling Notifications
    - Web sockets
    BACKEND Responsibility and Knowledge
    - Need to be strong in any Backend programming (node, rails, python, GO, etc...)
    - Familiar with ORM (Based on the language)
    - Database Query Best practices (index, trigger, functions)
    - Had Work experience with relational, nosql database
    - Basic utils Knowledge like cron, queue, mail, file download
    - Familiar with Sync and Async concepts
    - Caching technique
    - Authentication logics and session maintenance
    - Web sockets
    - Send Notification to the client (push)
    - MVC pater or any other design patterns
    - Micro service architecture (protocol buffers or any alternate)
    - Unit test case
    CLOUD Responsibility and Knowledge (If any cloud knowledge)
    - Any cloud knowledge (aws, google cloud)
    - File storage
    - Backup and crash maintenance
    - Static web hosting
    - load balancing
    - Backend hosting
    Development Responsibility and Knowledge
    - Basic understanding about CI/CD (github actions, gitlab yaml, circleCI, jenkins)
    - Repo maintenance (versioning, package maintenance, Basic documents, etc)
    - Familiar with agile methodology (jira, trello)
    - Git knowledge
    - Docker
    - Basic understanding about UX tools (figma, adobe)

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: ₹50,000.00 -per month(negotiable) 

    contact us on 8355907836  / careers@connectaisolutions.com

    Key Skill:
    Reactjs, angular, Nodejs, Git, Aws cloud,Pyhton,

    Posted on: 29th Dec, 2021

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