Formwork Engineer(2-5 Year)

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Job Description:

Position: Formwork Engineer

Location: Andheri West

Experience: 2-5 year in system formwork/scaffolding

Industry: Construction Material

Education: bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably civil or structural engineering



As a formwork engineer, you will work with other engineers and project managers to develop design moulds that form the basis for structures to be built from concrete or other pourable materials. Calculating the correct size, depth and other dimensions of the mould is critical to supporting the structure. You should also have a strong understanding of federal, state and local building regulations, and safety requirements


Key Responsibilities-

·         PLANNING:

·         Study the drawings, technical specifications & understand the total scope of formwork.

·         Coordination with Clients/Consultants/ Designer based on requirement if any to change the drawings or specs.

·         Prepare the formwork strategy along with the Site Civil head & Site Planning for the job.

·         In line with the base schedule & formwork strategy, prepare the planning for Resources, Material, and Tools & Tackles for execution.

·         Coordinate with other depts. like Planning, Quality, P&M and In-charges and ensure that all construction methodology is in place as a team.

·         Monitor & Track the weekly/monthly material stock and update the same to Head office for any discrepancies or requirements not met as per schedule.

·         Monitor & update the Formwork Performance Report to Head office on a monthly basis.

·         EXECUTION: *

·          Ensure that the carpentry workshop is set-up as per norms and fully functional to carry out the formwork making activities for site execution.

·         Ensure that the formwork yard is identified and set-up as per the space available at site to properly stack all formwork materials received into the site.

·         Prepare a mock-up facility displaying the available formwork systems for training purposes.

·         Assist the formwork foreman & chargehands in understanding the formwork scheme drawings if any difficulties arise for necessary implementation.

·         Conduct periodical checks when formwork is in progress and ensure that all design criteria and scheme drawings criteria are met.

·         Inspect the formwork for necessary safety & quality checks before & after concreting.

·         Record any incidents related to formwork and ensure it is avoided in future by taking appropriate action and circulate the same across the IC for awareness.

·         Ensure that the training is conducted for all workmen at regular intervals at site and mock-up areas to improve the productivity levels.

·         Must possess a good knowledge of working in MS Office like word, excel, PPT etc.



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Key Skill:
Formwork Engineer, system formwork, scaffolding, Civil engineer, construction, structural engineering, civil site engineer

Posted on: 16th Nov, 2022

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