Placement Service-

Lots of company is looking good talent but candidate could not get information about vacancy at right time. so we help them with our placement service and provide them necessary information about requirement according to their profile and also share their candidature with company and other consultancy for better response

We have dedicated and committed team of Professional Recruiter. We are mainly focused into IT, ITES, Automobile & Manufacturing, Life Sciences & Biotech Research, Construction & Infrastructure Development, Telecom, Power, real estate, Engineering, tour/travel, event, Hospitality, textile/fashion/garment, Oil & Gas Sectors and FMCG & Consumer Durables.

There is a lots of company and start-up tries to hire expertise & skills in a short notice, they really need a great talent to hire and Talent has nothing to do with skills and should be professional & passionate about their work. We helps candidate for placing them according to their skill, talent and qualification. We also helps candidate for internship and training.

How we helps jobseeker for hunting job ?

       o  We share candidature of our premium members (jobseekr) to our clients and other consultants.
       o  We search jobs according to our premium members and share detail through mail, SMS or telecommunication to jobseeker.
       o  We helps candidate for HR related interview tips. (write us)
       o  Helps for improving resume.

For any query or assistance write us ( or Whatsapp- +91-9015477985

Resume Writing-

For Hunting Job, Resume is first impression of yours in front of recruiters. Most of candidate is rejected after applying for job because of their unprofessional resume. Get your resume customized through our experts to highlights your key skills and expertise with right industry keywords.
CLICK HERE for resume writing service.

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